Responsive Email Design

Reponsive email design is becoming more important to the engagement of your email audience. My most recent experience with ThermoFisher Scientific has given me the ability to see a significant increase in user engagement with the new technology of today. The implementation of responsive emails has gained a 40% increase in user interaction and engagement.


We brought Tim on at Dicks as a contractor at the busiest time of the year and he jumped right in. His impact was immediately felt by the team and he helped us get through the holiday season. I highly recommend Tim. He's creative and his enthusiasm to learn and be part of the team is contagious.

Bobby Burdette

Tim is creative, upbeat and a key member of our creative team. He has a wide range of skills that he brings to bear on all his creative endeavors. He is constantly exploring, expanding and extending his abilities. He easily, and with great enthusiasm, shares his knowledge with team members. His work is visually exciting and his contributions are greatly valued.

Todd Lancaster

I worked with Tim for almost three years. He is a very dedicated employee, very flexible, and a great team player. He demonstrates strong technical skills and knowledge as a web developer and possesses great communication and organization skills.

Dawn Smoot